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Farewell Rockingham Park

It's always a sad time when a driver retires, or, when a team collapses, however its not often a racing circuit closes its doors for Motorsport activities. Well Rockingham Motor Speedway also known as, Rockingham Park held its final Motorsport UK race on the 24th November,  Rockingham's Super Send-off and its final Motorsport UK Rally on the 1st and 2nd December, the Rockingham Stages Rally. 

Farewell Rockingham Motor Speedway

Rockingham opened for business on Monday 15 January 2001 and since then has hosted a range of different sporting events from single venue rallies to the British Touring Car Championship and motorcycle events all the way up to the American CART championship, in which Tony Kanaan still holds the oval lap record to this day in the Lola Ford in 2001.

Farewell Rockingham Motor Speedway Tee

A vast majority of the site will be demolished, and the venue will become a logistical hub for the automotive industry. Even though it had a love-hate relationship with the public, we will miss the venue as its brought something unique to Motorsport calendars.


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