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Issue 4: Wallpaper Wednesday - Ford Escort MK2

It was only a matter of time before we included a Ford Escort in an issue of Wallpaper Wednesday and Issue 4 is the one. Writing this I honestly have no idea where to start. Let’s begin here…

1981 Ford Escort MK2 Ari Vatenen

Ari Vatenen, Hannu Mikkola, Bjon Waldegard, Roger Clark, Timo Makinen, Jimmy McRae, Colin McRae, Russell Brookes, Malcolm Wilson, Markku Allen, Billy Coleman, Steve Bannister, David Stokes, Mark Higgins, Matthew Robinson, Jason Pritchard… I could go on and on here, but what do they all share in common? They have all driven a Ford Escort MK1/MK2 rally car. Some of the drivers listed have driven them on the world stage, won rallies and won championships, while for others it may have been the car for their first event, or, driven them years after the Escort’s very first event and continue to do so this to this day and is even used as a tool to hone in their skills. 

So what does that say about the Ford Escort? I think it is fair to say it took the rallying world by storm as it not only attracted world class drivers to the wheel, but also won events and continues to do so in the 21st century over 50 years later! Here in the UK it is almost impossible to glance down an entry list for an event and not see at least half a dozen Ford Escorts. There are also professional manufacturing firms that can build you a ‘brand new’ Ford Escort and take it rallying. I use inverted commas around brand new, because the MK2 ceased production back in the 80s, but some of the cars that are being built specifically for competition use look even better than the cars that left the Dagenham factory all them years ago.David Bogie Modern Ford Escort MK2

Some drivers have taken it a whole step further and are on missions to build the ‘Ultimate MK Escort’, all the modern day technology such as power steering, sequential gearboxes and engines putting out power upwards of 300BHP, all bundled into a read wheel driven chassis designed back in the 70s. You only need to take a look at Scott Williams Motorsport based in Wales, or David Bogie in Scotland to look at some of the stunning pieces of equipment competing on today's stages. Some argue these cars have been ruined and aren’t ‘real’ Escorts, while others love to see technology being pushed and what can be done with the car. I personally fall into the latter camp, as I think it is great that the love of the Escort rolls on and others find their own ways to express their passion on the car.Matthew Robinson Ford Escort MK2 Poster

This time for Wallpaper Wednesday we are looking at a classic Group 4 MK2 Escort, unfortunately not taken in 1980 in Finland, this time its Matthew Robinson behind the wheel on the 2019 Grizedale Stages. I have put together a few different sizes optimised for Quad and Full HD monitors as well as tablets. Just follow the link below to free Google Drive link. We also have an artistic version of this wallpaper for sale too!


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