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More outings for Jon Armstong and DiRT Rally in 2020?

Title image credit: Rally Australia

Jon Armstrong hasn’t given up on a professional rallying career and we have reason to believe its about to get bigger in 2020. The DiRT Rally videogame ambassador and Rally Consultant for Codemasters – the developers behind the hit rally series – could undertake more rallies backed by the video game firm in 2020.

Jon Armstrong Dirt Rally

Image credit: WRC

Armstrong’s first rally was in 2011 and beckoned his skills on local events in Northern Ireland and England, until the world stage came calling in 2016 where he took part in the Drive DMACK Junior championship wrapping up two wins and finishing 3rd overall in the 6-round championship.  Winning two rounds in the Drive DMACK Challenge gave the Northern Irishman a chance to drive a Ford Fiesta R5 in the WRC 2 championship in Spain and Germany. Jon also wrapped up the 2018 World Rally Esports Championship toad to his belt.

One of the latest challenges for Jon was competing on the Galway Hills International Rally in a Ford Fiesta R5 backed by DiRT Rally 2.0 which is Codemaster’s latest rally game which launched only a few weeks after the rally. We believe there are more events to come for Jon in 2020 with the backing from Codemasters and DiRT Rally…


John Armstrong Peugeot 208
Image credit: Josef Petru

While the video game DiRT Rally was released in February 2019, there have been plenty of expansion packs released after the release date of the base game with more cars, more stages and more World Rally Cross tracks being released. Originally planned were two reasons of additional downloadable content, however have extended this to a further two seasons and Jon has hinted on Instagram that there could possibly be more to come. Which leads us onto the possible real-world outings for Jon Armstrong in a DiRT Rally backed car in 2020. We are leaning towards the suspicion of a full attack on the British Rally Championship? Or maybe even an attack on the European Rally Championship along with WRC 2 rounds thrown in there?


John Armstrong Instagram Story


Looking back at one of Jon's Instagram stores where his followers began asking him questions about the future, there were a lot of question marks over the content of DiRT Rally and what Jon would be up to in the next season. There is no doubt that competing on rally events is great publicity for the game and franchise, so we look forward to seeing what is to come from Jon Armstrong, Codemasters and DiRT Rally in 2020.
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