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New Update in Production Times

We are happy to announce a significant cut in production times for our products. Back in April we had to announce the closure of our store due to the global pandemic of COVID-19. We were able to reopen towards the end of the month and we saw a significant hit in production times due to running a skeleton staff to adhere to the government’s guidelines on social distancing within the workplace. We have now relocated our printing and production warehouse which allows us to reduce the time it takes to produce our products.

As of the 28th July 2020, we have moved onto a new turnaround time for products. We have kept this as simple as possible and split products into two categories.

All clothing, phone cases and mugs will have 7 working days turnaround time

All posters and other accessories will have 4 working days turnaround time.

What is turnaround time?

This is the time it takes from you placing your order, to leaving our warehouse for delivery.

How long does delivery take?

There is no simple answer here. It very much depends on where your package is being shipped as we are aware of a large number of countries experiencing delays in the postage/delivery sector due to the pandemic.  

If you are intending to shop with us it is worth noting for our regular and recorded delivery options we use Royal Mail. Please read Royal Mail's incident bulletin by clicking here to see whether there are any delays to your country. At present for some countries Royal Mail are holding all post so they could see severe delays, so please check before ordering. 

For orders to the United States of America we use USPS and are still shipping. Please check with your local USPS website as your state could be experiencing delays. We offer affordable postage to the USA. Your shipping confirmation email also includes your tracking number, if your package is shipping to the USA and there is no tracking number included in your shipping email, please contact us.

As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us on or across social media on @MilesMylesHQ.

As for those that shopped with us during these uncertain times, I appreciate your trust in us and hope you all enjoyed the products we create. Thanks once again.


Founder of Miles & Myles

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