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Plastic Free Packaging is here!

Customers who have ordered products with us in the past may have noticed the plastic free packaging. That's right we offer 100% plastic free packaging. Whether you are ordering one of our Fine Art Prints, ore one of our new swanky Ford Escort Mexico T-Shirts, then these will ship in 100% recyclable packaging.

Our posters are shipped in extremely strong, durable, postal prisms like the one shown which offer extreme protection when sent in the mail. Whether you are in the UK or Australia, we guarantee your poster will get to you in mint condition!

Other products will be shipped in durable, plastic free postage bags which enable you to pull the address label straight off and throw the packaging in the recycle bin. 

T-Shirt Packaging Example

Although we live and breath a sport that burns fuel for fun, we hope that shipping our products in plastic free packaging reduces our carbon footprint and the automotive fun can carry on for future life times. 

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