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Why did the MSA change to Motorsport UK?

In November 2018, Motorsport in the United Kingdom as we knew it was about to be shaken up good-n-proper. The long standing Motor Sports Association (MSA), the governing body for 4-wheeled motorsport in the UK, underwent a radical rebranding to become what is now Motorsport UK. On the 20th June 2019, Motorsport UK released their third instalment of their monthly magazine, Revolution, where Chief Executive Officer Hugh Chambers explain why the change was required to rejuvenate motorsport in the UK.

Motorsport UK Banner

Here at Miles & Myles we fully supported the change to bring motorsport kicking and screaming back into the 21st century. It’s more than just a name and a logo change, it is so much more making the sport more accessible to the fans and brining in benefits to members of the sport. Since the name on top of the door changed so many things under the hood have been tweaked, and being the governing body of the sport Motorsport UK have the power to implement changes to make the sport more appealing and accessible. One of many changes included the extension of homologated safety equipment; for example, in rallying, the FIA 8862-1999 standard of seat has received a 2 year life extension allowing competitors to use this seat up to two years beyond the date of expiry on the label on national Motorsport UK events. Another change for national Motorsport UK events include the extension of harnesses - those homologated to standard 8853-2016 can be used for up to another 5 years(!) beyond the date of expiry.

FIA Seat Label

With the two implemented changes it allows competitors to extend the use of their equipment, resulting in a save in costs. It doesn’t just stop at technical changes, just this week, Motorsport UK have released their new membership scheme for motorsport enthusiasts called Trackside Membership giving fans the opportunity to get behind the scenes on a motorsport events including factory and garage tours, VIP experiences at Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship rounds, member only exclusive discounts at high street retailers including MOTs, tyres, tool and so much more – all for the annual fee of £24.99. Chances are if you do a lot of traveling and own several cars you could easily cover the cost of the membership and save even more! Join the Trackside Membership here.

We created a list of the items Motorsport UK have included in the sport since the radical name change:

  • Extending the lifing of safety equipment
  • More accessible memberships
  • Making the Yearbook (rule book) more accessible online
  • Introducing membership benefits schemes
  • Brining British Kart Championships in-house
  • Working closely with Dare to be Different (taking full responsibility in 2020) and W Series
  • Assisting in the homologation of Billy Mongers’ hand controlled F3 car
  • Changing the length of committee members terms
  • New branded clothing for officials and fans
  • And many more…

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 With all these benefits coming to the fresh, new-looking Motorsport UK, it doesn’t just top at membership benefits, it’s about making a standpoint of the changes happening with motorsport inside the UK and hopefully setting an example for others. When the initial change happened, with addresses and logos on social media moving towards the new Motorsport UK icons, views in the community were mixed. The vast majority supported the change, and welcomed the fresh new look, while a handful immediately jumped down the throat of the governing body, accusing them of wasting money on logos and you can picture the rest – just head to Facebook and look at the flood of comments on the current profile picture.

The latter people will always exist in the sport and likely every sport, however we feel that the changes happening at Motorsport UK are slowly silencing those that enjoy not welcoming change and not looking to the future – they actually have nothing to complain about with all these positives.


Motorsport UK Revolution Issue 3 on Miles & Myles blog post

Changes are most certainly happening, just read the latest interview with Hugh Chambers. Motorsport in the UK is becoming more and more popular and we confidently believe this is largely down to the forward facing Motorsport UK. If you have read any previous issues of Revolution, you will see they are advertising positions on committees and the board, encouraging those have an interest and passion in the sport to join the team – something that was usually closed off and kept for the hierarchy, top hatters of the sport.

The ultimate goal of the new Motorsport UK is increase their audience reach as its their main source of income. In the interview Hugh was asked what his vision for Motorsport in the UK, “We’ll have a fairer and more stable sport.” The direction motorsport UK are going we can fully see them leading the charge. 🏁

Miles & Myles motorsport posters